Books by Victor Wouters

Eternal Sundays: The Heavenly Dance and Some Other Practices | Eternal Sundays_PDF (Click for free download) | An incredible book that reunites beliefs of all sorts and walks you through the most amazing spiritual and emotional journey you will ever embark on. A “must read” for people interested in the afterlife, meditation, Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, philosophy, metaphysics, magic, and esoterica. It is the byproduct of my experiences while hovering between life and death for thirty minutes during heart surgery, and it is meant as a wake-up call for the way we are treating Mother Nature. Are you ready to jump into the unknown?

Tenth Level Shuffle: A Bi-Curiously Funny Novel | Tenth Level Shuffle_PDF (Click for free download) | A hilarious epic battle between the worlds of science and faith that combines comedy, adventure, and science fiction with a tongue-in-cheek gay twist. Can an unlikely romance between an ascetic monk and a liberal scientist outlast a bet that requires them to abstain from sexual intercourse during a whole year withstand the test of time? A “must read” for sci-fi fans of all faiths. WARNING: It contains a sex scene, please check with your parents and local laws before reading to see if such scene is appropriate for your age. By downloading this book, you represent and agree that you are of legal age and allowed to read such sex scene and that you are not in violation of any local or international laws regulating such content.